Sponsorship System to be Abolished

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Kuwait will soon follow the footsteps of Bahrain. The sponsorship system for foreign workers soon will be abolished. According to an article that appeared in Arab Times Online, the Minister of Social Affairs and Labour in Kuwait, Mohammed al-Afasi was quoted “This will be our gift to foreign workers on the anniversary of Kuwait’s liberation" from seven months of Iraqi occupation in 1991.” This is good news indeed for OFW’s currently working in Kuwait.

My hope is that other countries in the Middle East will soon follow like Qatar and the UAE so that Expatriates can have chances in finally landing on a job worthy of their efforts, skills and sacrifices particularly our fellow OFW’s who are known for their skills and good work ethics (without facebook of course). If that would happen certainly Filipinos here in Qatar and other part of Middle East can really bargain for their salaries as they have the freedom to look for high paying jobs.

Other countries are pressuring the Middle East’s countries to abolish this sponsorship system which is as they say is a form of modern slavery. Inshallah! I hope in the near future this system will be abolished in all countries practicing it so as to empower Expatriates to find the right job for them and be able to avoid being exploited and maltreated.

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