Political Turmoil on the Horizon

I was so in shock when I watched the news about the Fallen 44 as what they call them now. A unit of the PNP-SAF conducted a daring operation to capture two fugitives which are known to be bomb experts. The main objective of neutralizing a branded terrorist was accomplished at the expense of 44 (forty four) gallant police commandos (PNP-SAF). It was a very devastating blow indeed for our Philippine National Police and to our country. We are still grieving after weeks of that unfortunate day. Emotions are running high. We need to find those who are responsible for the massacre. 

It seems just fair to find justice, make those responsible pay for their action/inaction that contributed to the loss of great warriors who fought for our freedom. I am with the Filipino people and especially to the family of those who perished.  But now I see those who are calling for the president’s resignation. Some are even spreading rumors that there would be a coup d'etat. I just don’t get the logic in it. I guess the notion that Filipinos are too emotional for their own good really is something to look in to. 

So there was a secret operation to capture at least two of the most dangerous terrorists in Asia. One was killed the other escaped and along the course of the operation our brave heroes engaged with armed men. The unfortunate happened. My questions now are; is that reason alone enough ground to force the president to resign? Is it justifiable to stir the political waters which leads to political turmoil? Although His Excellency Ninoy Aquino should have been there when our dead heroes arrived at Villamor Airbase instead of gracing a plant opening somewhere else. 

I am not a pro Ninoy Aquino but I do support his programs which helped our economy to rise. Let’s just say that because of pressure the president resigned, then what? Will the government conduct an election or should the Vice-President Jejomar Binoy be elevated to become the new president? Will this political transition be good to our developing economy? Wouldn't it be good if we try to rise above our own emotions and try to think with an open mind? Let us as one people assess all that can happen if we let our anger and frustrations reign over us. 

A very sad and devastating event happened in our country, do we want to create a more dangerous political climate? Can’t we just wait until 2016 Elections? I condemn the killing of the Fallen 44 and the investigation should continue to find justice for their families. But I strongly believe that we don’t need to make more issues and start threading the path of political chaos. Let us not entertain the calls of the few who I am sure have their own vested interest. My fellow Filipinos let us take all these issues with an open mind and always try to carry the burden of carrying out decisions that is for the Greater Good.

Checklist for Aspiring OFWs (Self-Assessment)

There is no manual for OFWs and definitely there is none for the aspiring ones so I came up with a checklist based on my own experiences and some of my friends’ stories.

1. Do you always go to your mother when you have problems? If your answer is yes then try to become more independent because mom will not be around when you go abroad unless you will take her with you. Also “cry babies” won’t last far away from home for health reasons, they may die of dehydration (Uncontrollable Tears) or if not they may end up losing their minds.

2. Can you do multi-tasking? If yes then surely you will be one of the many that are being exploited but if not you won’t last a month on your job. So better assess your abilities and capabilities. Filipinos are well-known for doing different unrelated works so practice doing accounting jobs and doing logistic work at the same time. If you are currently unemployed try cooking while jogging, yes it’s that difficult.